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Old 12-26-2005, 05:31 PM
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Default Re: An experiment

Don't start her playing no limit, its very easy to lose a lot of money fast if you're inexperienced. Additionally, I don't see how playing a brainless push/fold strategy according to a chart is going to be any less boring than whatever else she could be doing. So i'd suggest that you get her a copy of 'winning low limit holdem' and start her at the low limit tables. It will teach her how to start playing tight (which is enough to win at low limits), but also gives her some freedom to actually learn the game better, and have more fun. If she has the mindset that it takes to be a good poker player, she'll soon be interested in learning no limit (or moving up stakes in low limit, which is fine too), and she'll be ready to actually learn how to win at it with good play, rather than mindless pushing/folding.

I started my poker career at low limits, and am pretty sure that if I had started at no limit, I would have gone broke quickly, instead of learning, building my bankroll, and moving on to learn other games and become much more successful.
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