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Old 12-24-2005, 02:36 PM
deacsoft deacsoft is offline
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Default Re: Tipping Poll

I tip $1 per pot I win regardless of the size. If I'm playing 3-1 blinds in a 3-6 game and I'm in the BB and everone folds to me I still tip the dealer $1. If I make a rare hand like quads, straight flush, etc I'll tip $2-?.
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Old 12-24-2005, 08:44 PM
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Default Re: Tipping Poll

Heres how it works for me... I'll tip a deal 1 dollar for every pot I take unless it is basically just the blinds... Once they give me a reason to tip more or less I will... Last night for example, I got a very bitchy female dealer who was constantly badmouthing the casino and the floor for taking 20% of her tips... When I tipped her after my first hand she did not thank me, and she also will never get another tip from me...

The very next dealer who sat down was awesome. Fastest dealer I have ever had, and for the three rotations that I had him, he didn't flip a card, misdeal, tell anyone the wrong thing a single time. He was also an extremely nice guy and talked to me about everything from school to sports in the 1.5 hours he dealt for me. After the second rotation, I gave him ten dollars for being so good, and a genuinely nice guy.
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Old 12-25-2005, 11:23 AM
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Default Re: Tipping Poll

I don't tip. My casino is a 4 dollar drop at full ring if there is a flop. Thats huge. Figure I win 100 pots a month and we are talking about 2 months rent per year. Tipping is for those who are there having fun, I am their supporting myself and I need that 1200 a year to do it. Sorry guys.

To those who tip well, I support you. When I start playing 20/40 Ill throw a few more dollars out there.

At restaurants I often tip 25%. A server has made it their responsibility to insure I have an enjoyable meal. If they execute that properly they have earned my gratitude.
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Old 12-25-2005, 01:44 PM
Kurn, son of Mogh Kurn, son of Mogh is offline
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Default Re: Tipping Poll

That still doesn't alter the fact that tipping is 100% voluntary.

[/ QUOTE ]

Society forces you to tip, its not voluntary.

[/ QUOTE ]

No, I tip dealers, waiters, and bartenders because I recognize the reality of the job situation. I also appreciate service industry personnel who do a good job.

I think most people who know me personally would get a good laugh at anyone who thought I caved to pressure from "society" on anything.
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