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Old 08-11-2005, 11:02 AM
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Default How can I play this hand better?

This is my first post, and I have to tell you that these forums have been very useful. This is going on memory so it may not be entirely perfect. Now to a recent hand:

Blinds 20/40 $5 SNG at UB.
Hero 1400
Villain in EP 900

Hero in MP with AQo

Villain calls 40
Hero calls 40

Flop comes Q 4 7 rainbow

Villain checks
Hero bets 100
Villain calls

Turn is 5

Villain checks
Hero bets 175
Villain calls

River is 3
Villain bets 300
Hero pushes all in
Villain calls

You can probably guess what the Villain had. So I know I played the river horribly. My question is, should I have bet more on the flop or turn to make him pay for drawing? I have run into these circumstances a number of times and haven't really ever picked up the right way to play them. Any suggestions are fine.


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Old 08-11-2005, 11:34 AM
Bataglin Bataglin is offline
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Default Re: How can I play this hand better?

Some likes to raise it up preflop, some limps. Do what suits you best. Your line is ok. You could bet a bit more on the turn. Pushing the river is pointless; just call if you suspect your opponent is bluffing, or overplaying a hand that you have beat. The times you raise here and get called, you're beaten soooo often that it's clearly a bad move.
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Old 08-11-2005, 01:15 PM
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Default Re: How can I play this hand better?

Welcome Han,

Limping with your AQo PF, at a deep stacked sight like UB is fine IMO.

It's hard to tell, who all went to the flop. The BB (and maybe SB) presumably, with no apparent PF raise. So you're probably looking at a t140ish pot. Your t100 is fine on a close to perfect flop.

The turn is where you need to apply the squeeze. You should now be facing a t340 pot. Villian is down to 760 in chips. A near pot sized bet is required here. Considering the size of the pot and your remaining chips (t1280), I might be a little reluctant to push. On the off-chance villian is setting you up with a flopped set, a pot-sized bet here is better IMO. A push over the top gives you an out w/ chips, and a draw'r with a brain will lay it down here.

Your t175 simply wasn't enough. Though you are giving him incorrect odds to chase the draw , you are actually communicating to him a great deal of weakness. While you technically increased your bet from the flop, it was FAR short in it's representation, compared to your previous 3/4+ bet.

In villian's mind, your weak turn bet has erased any concerns he had about your strong flop bet. You can see where you might get in situation where a villian with a weaker Q might actually come over the top here - forcing you to possibly lay down the better hand.

Your turn bet isn't just about extracting chips when you DO hold the better hand. Of course, we'll give 2:1-3:1 all day to villian facing 4,5,6:1 or worse, trying to catch up. But just as importantly, you need to protect your hand. It's not often we EVER hold the clear nuts. By slowing down like this, you are putting yourself in a bad situation -- an opportunity for a smart vilian to get us to fold....if not on the turn, then on a river push - giving us an 'easy' but self-inflicted fold.
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