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Old 12-05-2005, 07:48 PM
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Default Some Friendly Advice

Figured Iíd share some of my worldly advice with yall.


Second, do not play 4 3/6 6max tables when you know damn well you can only play 2 or 3 well, especially when you just started playing said limit and are not too comfortable with it yet.

Do not try to steal raise with crappy *ss hands like 22 or A 6o a table full of maniacs. Playing crappy hands like this for 3 bets pf SUCKS DONKY B*LLS. Call, make a hand, and THEN make them pay. If they definitely arenít folding pf, just donít raise with these sh*tty hands.

Now if you DO decide to do all of these things, itís ok, donít panic, but whatever you do, DONíT LET THE MANIACS REPEATEDLY CATCH GOOD HANDS AGAINST ONLY YOU. It sucks, just donít let it happen.

Ok, so you just did everything I said NOT to. Youíre still ok, only down about 5, 6 hundred? Youíre fine, just take a while off, donít sweat it.

But WHATEVER YOU DO, do not come home the same night drunk from the bar and decide youíll play 5/10 (which youíve never played before) ďto catch upĒ and proceed to lose another $270 in about 10 minutes while not winning a single hand.

Ok, ok, so you did that too? Ok fine, only down 900, thatís ok. As long as you donít decided to play some BLACKJACK then everythingís ok still. Just donít start betting 5 a hand 3 hands at a time to ďget back to even,Ē then when you lose a hundred start doing 10 dollars a hand thinking the same thing, only to lose some more and start betting 25.

The reason why you donít want to do all this sh*t is then your LIFETIME dollars won chart (bout 90k hands) just might end up looking something like THIS.

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