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Old 08-28-2005, 03:33 AM
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Default Clearing up some stuff on my book


Just was browing through the posts and I'd thought I'd try to defend myself on my book.

First, Andy said the book was "over-simplified." Cardoza Publishing was kind enough to offer me a contract on my manuscript in 2002, and they are a good company, but told me to simplify my text as their target was newer and more inexperienced players.

I agree, the book is too simple. As I re-read it 3 years and change later, I'd make it more in-depth. I wrote a follow-up book which is an e-book (I'd be happy to mail it for comments free to interested parties) on stud 8 at the lower limits, which I play on PokerStars and in the rare event the 4/8 goes off at CP, will play in that. I wanted this book to be better, so I actually hired a mathematician, Dr. Paul Dreyer; not being a math guy I thought this would help. He ran odds info for me on flush, striaght and low draws which I included in it, as I wanted to make it clear how bad the brick hurts your low on fourth street. I also made extensive use of to illustrate various hands and show the power of the raise and the foolishness of some calls. I was happy with this book, but would change it to show more aggression on third street with a low draw with the ace showing to increase your chances to scoop. But that's another story. This book was rejected by Cardoza Publishing; they were kind when I talked to them, but their position was the information was good but the game doesn't have enough interest for a book and my book was "too technical." So it's an e-book on e-book mall. I also write for and Full Tilt mag.

I play at Canterbury about once or twice a week, usually with Lefty, Glenda, Sergy and the other 2/4 stud table regulars, and daily on PokerStars. I appreciate the criticisms, and as I said if there were a second version, would make some changes. Canterbury stud games are VERY loose; PokerStars games I've found to be surprisingly tight of late, but maybe thats because I'm comparing it to Canterbury. The games in Vegas I found at the Ex and Luxor were also more tight. My advice in the book for starting is slightly tight, especially for high-ante games, but I also am a big believer in aggression, raising rather than calling to get information and do what you can to drive out opponents, and buy a free card with aggression on good draws on fourth street.

Anyways, if anyone has any questions I'll try to post here more often - I'm usually on RGP. As I said I do the stud column for Full Tilt and write for and, covering poker and the media, some strategy and general advice. I just finished a long interview with the notorious "Russ G" of RGP fame, and I think that'll be an interesting column.

Please keep in mind that a book is edited as it goes through the publishing process; I also wrote Avery Cardoza saying I'd like to make changes if a second version is published. I'm happy with most of the advice, but at times it is too tight, and not aggressive enough. I'd also be happy to debate strategies.

In my personal life, yes I am actually preparing to be a priest; I'll be ordained in 2 years to the priesthood (6 year post graduate program; undergrad was in poli sci, go figure [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]). I love poker and the folks at Canterbury, and it's a fun hobby, but I will never play at medium or high limits. I look at it as a fun way to spend a few hours or unwind online after a long day, but take the game very seriously and I think many see it as entertainment only, thus making poor decisions that cost them money they should be winning. Being I love to write I thought "why not write a book on my favorite game?" Sorry to hear some didn't care for some of the advice, and as I said in a previous post I did agree with Andy's assessment of rolled-up trips; I play all rolled-up trips aggressively and he is right on that, so I would definitly change that. On the jacks we'll have to agree to disagree, but I can see where he is coming from.

Look forward to good conversation, and say hi if you're ever at Canterbury Park.

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