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Old 07-24-2005, 11:01 PM
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Default Sklansky\'s Hold\'em Poker

Ok, we all know this is a classic and seminal work in the field.

There is a mention in the book how it is geared towards the type of player who will play 10-20 limit poker at a cardroom like the one at the Mirage.

My question is this: Given the information in the book, how well does it hold up if I were to learn everything in it and apply those principles walking into the Mirage today?

Has the average 10-20 B&M player substantially improved with all the other books that came on the scene since Hold'em Poker? Or are there enough new fish playing at this game today that I would have similar results if I learned the subject matter in the book and walked into the Mirage circa 1976? Maybe even better results?
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