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Old 02-11-2005, 09:24 AM
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Default hmm...

Local 5-10 potlimit game, rotating rounds of omaha high and holdem.

so-so game, 2 god bracelet winners. 1 huge fish, directly to my right. plays 90% of his hands, raises 75%.
His initial raise is potsize, but he will often slow down.

I am on the button and get delt, AhAs6c7c. utg limps (solid player), folded to the manic to my right who bets 40, I raise to 100, blinds fold, utg calls, manic reraises to 300.
I have about 2k infront of me, maniac has about same, and solid player has about 1500. I know the maniac isnt scared to get the rest of his chips in, but the last raise means something.

line for the rest of hand?
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