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Old 12-30-2005, 10:39 PM
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Default 10/20 A high against LAG

Known LAG open-raises from Button. I am in BB w/ A3o. I call. HU.

Flop: 8s2hTc

I check. LAG bets.

Now I feel like I often have the best hand here. But am I supposed to not contest this pot with the LAG, keep it small, and fold here and wait for a better spot to trap him? Sometimes, I decide to call these down, but will my A-high be best often enough to make this a profitable play? Also, I don’t want to CR the flop here because LAG is so LAGGY that he might raise back, and I will ultimately lose a raising match.

Essentially, what my question boils down to is… do you have to wait for a good hand to trap these LAGs and not contest these A-high with a non-threatening board hands?
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