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Old 07-24-2005, 12:10 AM
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Default Do opponents bad play hurt me?

I know that in ring games I will eventually profit from my opponents mistakes, and that suckouts are just part of it.

But is the same entirely true in SNG's??
The reason for my question is, that I have gotten like a bazillion 4th and 5th lately. I have analyzed my pushes in SNGPT and, assuming *reasonable* calling ranges, my pushes have been correct.
However, they call with all sorts of crap. I play $22 and $33 and am amazed by their play, or rather the lack of skill in their play.

But back to my question:
Is it correct to assume, that even if my pushes are correct, when opponents make stupid calls which is negative $EV for them too, it only benefits the other players at the table.

Or are these thoughts just the result of being the victim of numerous 2 out suckouts? If what I'm experiencing now had happened when I first started playing, I would have quit after 3 hours....

On a related note, how often do you get ITM when only 4 left? And when 5 left?
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