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Old 12-30-2005, 09:19 PM
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Default The One, Two Skadoo

I know this is no big deal because of the stakes, but there's nothing like getting c0ck-punched twice in one hand. I was clearing a bonus at SportingBet at the micro's.

Hand #164990577 at table: Table TH 541
Started: Fri Dec 30 19:57:40 2005

Makdaddy26 is at seat 1 with 9.90
ace 3 is at seat 2 with 9.75
LordBlaine is at seat 3 with 3.54
HERO is at seat 4 with 8.90
sol240 is at seat 5 with 16.85
Pasha999 is at seat 6 with 6.50
Fireplayer is at seat 7 with 24.00
bbcasual is at seat 8 with 4.65
horseehead is at seat 9 with 7.20
capricorne is at seat 10 with 10.45

HERO posts the large blind 0.10
LordBlaine posts the small blind 0.05

LordBlaine: --, --
HERO: 9s, 10s
sol240: --, --
Pasha999: --, --
Fireplayer: --, --
bbcasual: --, --
horseehead: --, --
capricorne: --, --
Makdaddy26: --, --
ace 3: --, --


sol240: Call 0.10
Pasha999: Fold
Fireplayer: Call 0.10
bbcasual: Fold
horseehead: Call 0.10
capricorne: Fold
Makdaddy26: Check
ace 3: Call 0.10
LordBlaine: Call 0.10
HERO: Check

Flop (Board: 6s, 8s, 7c):

LordBlaine: Check
HERO: Check
sol240: Check
Fireplayer: Check
horseehead: Bet 2.00
Makdaddy26: Call 2.00
ace 3: Fold
LordBlaine: Fold
HERO: All in
sol240: Fold
Fireplayer: Fold
horseehead: All in
Makdaddy26: Call 8.90

Turn (Board: 6s, 8s, 7c, 8d):

River (Board: 6s, 8s, 7c, 8d, 7d):


Makdaddy26 shows: 6d, 6h (full house)
HERO shows: 9s, 10s (straight to the Ten)

Sidepot 2:
Makdaddy26 wins the pot of 2.35 with full house

horseehead shows: 8c, 8h (four of a kind, Eights)

horseehead wins the pot of 22.00 with four of a kind, Eights

I knew that for ANYONE at those tables to bet that much on that flop they definately had to have flopped trips or better. Unfortunately, I was right.
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