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Old 07-07-2005, 01:25 AM
JosephAnthony JosephAnthony is offline
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Default Bankroll/New comp

I recently started playing poker online on my parent's comp. I have raised my modest 150 dollar investment to 600 dollars playing on party and stars. However, i leave to college this fall and cannot take my trusty old comp with me, only my Mac laptop, and i don't even want to involve my Mac with poker, b/c i like to multi-table.

Anyways, i need to buy a PC in about 6 weeks. Assuming my bankroll continues on its current trend it will reach 900 or so by then. I have plenty of other "real" money in a separate account, but how much of my bankroll should i diphon off to keep playing 2/4$? should i consider dropping in limits temporarily?

I know by now you die-hards are getting mad at me for posting this in Comp/tech, but my more pressing question is: what PC should i get? How much more expensive would a laptop be than a desktop, assuming the system is capable of handling 4-tabling? also, what should the groundrules be for my system performance? ALso, is the dell the way to go?

Thanks in advance, and btw, i did see the post before me, but my question is slightly different. I prefer laptop poker but wouldnt mind sacrificing the space to a desktop if a laptop would be too expensive.
BTW: Keep in mind that this desktop or laptop would be for poker only, not gaming. would that reduce necessary specs?

Also, what about internet connectivity? I will be in a dorm. Would an airport wireless card be a bad idea? I heard connections can cut out on you momentarily. Would a hard cable as the rule be the right way to go?
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:09 AM
Shilly Shilly is offline
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Default Re: Bankroll/New comp

As far as bankroll concerns go, I'm not really going to lecture you. All that I'm going to say is that 4-tabling 2/4 with a $600 roll is a pretty bad idea.

Now for the computer. Getting a laptop or a desktop is a personal choice, and buying a nice laptop is going to set you back a lot more than buying a decent desktop. Let's look at the pros and cons:

Pros: More computing power, ability to use multiple, high-resolution monitors for multitabling, price
Cons: Not portable

Pros: Portable, ability to use as a second monitor if you decide to get a new desktop somewhere down the line.
Cons: Less computing power, resolution causes anywhere from a low to a high degree of overlap, price

If portability isn't important, just get a standard desktop. I'm guessing you could spend like $500-$600 for computer that will serve your purposes.
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Old 07-07-2005, 06:24 AM
mattw mattw is offline
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Default Re: Bankroll/New comp

I will let the tech guys answer your questions regarding the puter.

What jumped out at me is that you are playing 2/4 with a $600 roll? Man, you will surely bust due to variance regardless of how well you play. A general rule is one needs 300BB to have a reasonable chance of not busting. I suggest dropping down to 1/2. Lower if you have to spend some of your roll on a machine.

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