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Old 12-31-2005, 09:00 PM
newhizzle newhizzle is offline
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Default i :heart: live poker

[censored] awesome 40/80 game at oceans 11, seven people have overs buttons(to 80/160) including myself and the main villain in this hand, the limper did not


limp, raise, i 3-bet AQo, old ugly asian guy with young hot asian girlfriend calls 3 cold, a blind calls, limper calls, raiser calls


check, check, check, i bet, OUAGWYHAG raises, fold, fold, fold, i 3-bet, OUAGWYHAG calls

turn: (the bet is now 160)

i bet, OUAGWYHAG calls


i bet, OUAGWYHAG calls

i show my TPTK, he shows T7o

yeah, i guess thats not that bad or even a bad beat or anything, but it still sucked and was very unexpected, so whatever

needless to say i lost a couple grand last night, but i made like a million Sklansky bucks(at least before flops) and thats all that really matters so its all good
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