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Old 12-29-2005, 11:10 PM
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Default What poker game should I focus on (limit HE, pot Omaha, etc.)

I've been playing HE for about 18 months now. I've been playing mostly NL cash games. First with friends, then online.

This past june I got PT and started seriously playing online, 4-tabling Party 25NL. By September I have learned to consistently beat it for about 6 BB/100. I played there 2 more months just to make sure, then moved to 50NL. That's when I started spinning my wheels. I barely breaking even, but I take losses in NL very hard psychologically.

I decided to give limit a try. Started 8-tabling Party 0.5/1. Was beating it with my eyes closed. Moved to 4-tabling 1/2. Dropped $150 right off the bat, made adjustments, not I am beating it at rate of 2.5BB/100.

So that is my brief poker career. Already I noticed I like limit a lot better. I don't take losses as hard, and it is easier to find leaks and work on them.

More to it, I am more of a mathematical person rahter than a psychological reader. I am a careful, discipliened, statistical kind of guy amd don't like to put all my eggs in one basket. And I suck at physical reads, though I am observant to betting patterns.

So this got me thinking about the kind of poker I should focus on. I believe different poker games are not just poker with different rules. They each demand more of one type of skill than another.

So if we say that No Limit is a game of psychology and Limit is a game of Statistics and calculation, where does Pot limit Omaha fit into this? somewhere in the middle? What about 7 card stud? I know memorization is more important in stud, to know who folded what. Is it a more of a calculation game though, than Limit HE?

What about Hi/Lo variations? Does that change the game in terms of calculations/psycology scale?

Full table or short handed? I think full table is better for me. It rewards patience and is less person dependent.

I wonder if some other kind of poker out there would be even more fitting for my type than full table Limit HE.
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