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Old 12-26-2005, 01:34 PM
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Default rake calculations

i did a little math from my "total rake" in pokertracker and came up with the following figures of rake that i paid. each limit i've played a decent sample size to come up with these. does all this look accurate? it's interesting to see how the rake varies from one site to another. i haven't played many hands of 2/4 5max on PR so my stat there might be off (although i'd believe it).

PR 2/4 5max - .18/hand (4.5 BB/100)
PR 2/4 full - .11/hand (2.5 BB/100)
PR 3/6 full - .15/hand (2.5 BB/100)

Party .5/1 full - .028/hand (2.7BB/100)
Party 1/2 full - .047/hand (2.3 BB/100)
Party 1/2 6max - .08/hand (4 BB/100)
Party 2/4 full - .097/hand (2.4 BB/100)
Party 3/6 full - .106/hand (1.7 BB/100)
Party 3/6 6max - .152/hand (2.5 BB/100)

Stars 2/4 (combined) - .101/hand (2.5 BB/100)

Didn't realize Party 3/6 full was such a bargain.

If anyone has the stats (in BB/100) or a link to another post for the following, that'd be great:

Party 5/10 full
Party 5/10 6max
Party 10/20 full
Party 10/20 6max

Full Tilt 2/4 full
Full Tilt 2/4 6max
Full Tilt 3/6 full
Full Tilt 3/6 6max

Stars 3/6
PokerTracker can't differentiate full and 6max for Stars games. The filter doesn't affect the summary.
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