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Old 12-31-2005, 03:27 PM
jrforman jrforman is offline
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Default 5/5 Live...KK on an Ace High Board

5/5 Live
Villain has ~$500
Hero Covers

Villain is a bad player. He calls big raises preflop wih dominated hands and raises more than the average player in the game with inferior holdings, but does not play well enough post flop to make it profitable. Our history from the night includes me doubling him up after raising my straddle to $50, he pushed with pocket 5s from BB for $250 and I called with J10 and he flopped a set. The previous time I raised my straddle I had KK, so I should not have too crazy an image. Anyways on to the hand...

Preflop- Villain raises in EP to $35 and I reraise right after him to $135 with red Kings, folded back to him and he calls. At this point I put him on a lower PP or some kind of Ace.

Flop ($280) A 3 3 rainbow...What is my best line here to find out if he has an Ace (he won't fold) or an inferior PP...Do you bet or check and if you check, what do you do if he leads the turn or checks again??? Remember villain only has like $350 left and the pot is almost $300 already.
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Old 12-31-2005, 06:48 PM
tradingman123 tradingman123 is offline
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Default Re: 5/5 Live...KK on an Ace High Board

What are you doing calling an all with J/T?
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Old 12-31-2005, 06:48 PM
MrFeelNothin MrFeelNothin is offline
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Default Re: 5/5 Live...KK on an Ace High Board

I'm checking this flop and calling any turn and river bets against this villain.

If you bet the flop there is no way you are squeezing anything out of any hand you beat even if the villain is extremely loose. That flop just kills every hand that doesnt have an A when he considers your preflop reraising range. (likely JJ+, AQ, AK?)

I would prefer to check and let him try to bluff at it, likely he will fire the turn and give up on the river. Also, if he does have the A, with a weak kicker he probably won't be shoving it all in because he will be afraid you checked behind on the flop with a near nut hand. (AK or AA.)

Anyways, that flop sucks but against this villain I still want to squeeze some value from my KK and I think the best way to do this is check the flop and check behind the turn as well if he checks to you again.
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