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Old 12-27-2005, 06:48 PM
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Default \"Live\" Videos

Glenn got me a Best of CD/DVD for Christmas. It has all of Live's best videos.

Am I just getting old, or do their videos suck? I mean, god, how many times can you just show one dude, close up, mixed in with a whole bunch of scenes that don't make any sense?

Did they have a bad director? Did they insist on that style of video? Is that a popular theme?

Why is he frequently going topless? What exactly does he have to show us? Is pale, skinny white dude a big hit these days? Was it in the 90's? I must have missed this fad.

And what is with his hair? I agree, it looks best shaved off. He looks very intense, like the music. So why did he let it grow out when he is balding on top, a la Pauly Shore? Leave it shaved, don't subject us to that much cruelty.

Wow, what a disappointment. I should have left well enough alone. How can a band that has such great music put out such horrible videos?

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