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Old 12-30-2005, 04:27 AM
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Default Good night at the home game...

Tourney 1: $20 buy-in, 6 of us in. Got down to heads-up with my one friend who's pretty savvy; knows how to be aggressive heads-up, and I limp re-raise QJ on the button and peel off a Q to beat his AK, and I take it down soon after.

Tourney 2: Same buy-in. 7 in here, as one guy arrived toward the end of the first tourney. We allowed 1 re-buy (for 1500) per person, but it could only be done after you busted your original 1500 buy-in. I was the only one who never re-bought. Of the other 6, 2 rebought at 100/200, and one actually rebought at 150/300 [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]. Ran card dead until one hand at 50/100; folded to button, who raised to 400. SB goes all-in behind him for ~1500. I look at AK in the BB and call with ~500 behind. Button folds A10 face up, SB shows AJ, and MHIG. I end up heads-up with my buddy from the first tourney. At this point we had almost identical stacks (10000-9600?), we decide to chop for $130 each.

Then came the dealer's choice games. We play half a dozen different games, and I clear about another $80. For the night, won about $300, and out of the guys I roll with, I needed it the most.

What did I take out of this night?? It was probably the one session of my life where I couldn't find a SINGLE hand I might have played differently. It was as close to perfect poker as I've ever played in a single sitting. And I got the proverbial pats on the back when we were leaving. Felt good!!! Amazing what happens when there's not enough beer to screw up your decision making.
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