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Old 12-12-2005, 01:22 AM
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Default Re: Odd rule at Resorts East Chicago

There are diffrent variations of kill rules.

Although look around (Google anyone?), in almost any kill rules you find it says you keep the kill button if you are involved in a chopped hand.

It doesnt matter how big the pot is and usually doesnt even matter if there isnt a flop (although if you have the legup, you cant get the kill with no flop sometimes).

If you find some special rule out there that's standard let me know, but otherwise it's something that's up to the house and wouldnt be normal.

It doesnt matter how big the pot is because you are basically posting the very same amount on hand #2. It might just mean you dont win a whole lot. You could have the kill 28 times in a row and there is no way you would lose anymore than you already did by having to post the kill on hand #1. (it's the same money...., you won every hand, so you could only make money...)
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Old 12-12-2005, 12:23 PM
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Default Re: Odd rule at Resorts East Chicago

This sounds like the standard kill rule as it is played in the midwest. That is:

* - You can't "chop-chop" a kill pot.
* - This hand wasn't chopped by agreement. It was a split pot and the house took the rake.
* - A kill continues to be a kill until the killer loses the hand.

Sounds like the right rulings all around to me.
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