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Old 12-26-2005, 11:38 AM
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Default Cleaning lady steals from me -- can I go to the cops?

Short story ... cleaning lady steals cash and clothes from my home. We have concrete proof -- she is on video at Nordstrom using the gift card she stole from me. All told, she stole about $1,000.

When confronted, she admitted she stole the gift card (she had no choice) but denied everything else. Said she'd repay the gift card ($200), paid the first $100 and then I never heard from her again.

I would love to go to the cops, but I am concerned because (a) we always paid her by cash/check made out to "cash", never withheld taxes, and never issued a 1099; and (b) it's remotely possible (though unlikely) that she is an illegal (we never asked).

Am I exposing myself to trouble if I go to the cops? Or can I go to them and not have anything to worry about?

PS please don't tell me it's only $1000 and I should just drop it, if I don't have anything to worry about. This woman violated the sanctity of my house, went through my drawers, took all of my wife's summer clothes, blah blah blah. Every month we seem to find something else missing. She needs to feel the rigid penal code.

One last piece of important information -- she's not hot.
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