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Old 12-31-2005, 04:59 AM
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Default TV: I Shouldn\'t Be Alive

Anyone watch this show on the Discovery Channel? - Site

It's basically a show about people who have survived at all costs in situations where they should've died. I've seen four episodes and they're all very interesting and entertaining.

They often get the people who survived to aid in the reenactment as well as narrate the show. The also give detailed information about things that happen to the body with 3D cutaways of injuries. You also get a lot of information about weather, science, animals, etc.

It has good editing and sound too. Only problem I can see with watching this show is I'm wary of traveling to Africa, the rain forest, Cambodia, or getting on a boat now.

There's a marathon on right now with a couple episodes left if you feel like checking it out.
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