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Old 09-23-2005, 03:27 AM
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Default beg tables on party

in cash games i play on party .5,1 and 1,2 nl and then 3,6 and 5,10 limit on party. most of the nl games i like to play 6 max. Anyway now that party has there "begginer tables" what do you guys think of em.

obviously u prob find new beg's there than anywhere else but what do u guys think of it on the pyscological aspect, personally i still like the regular tables also, but i think there both just as profitable inthere own ways.

yes im sure this was prob posted before but that was when they first came out with the tables section so you didnt really get to compare the play.

anyone have signifacant hand histories of both? also providing ur play and playing style has evolved much since the switch
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