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Old 12-29-2005, 06:15 PM
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Default An Idea for You Software Developers

I have an idea for you software developers that is already a commercial product but way to expensive. It's called PTFB for PUSH THE FREAKIN BUTTON. You can find it at PTFB

I've tried it using the free trial, and it's a great product, but in my opinion way too expensive.

What it does is get rid of those pop up boxes that you don't want getting in your way. Such as:

You take a seat and a box comes up telling you how nice it would be if you auto posted your blind. PTFB just zaps it and it's gone. You can also adjust the timer according to how long you want the box to be on your screen before it goes away. I set it to 0 and it's gone instantly.

PTFB also has other features, which I don't ever use. The reason I suggest someone make a similar product is becuase PTFB is too expensive, and could be sold for $5 or $10 and just be used to get rid of annoying popups.

This is a very nice tool to have when you're multi-tabling and don't want to clear out pop up boxes all day long.
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