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Default Re: Another fishy 5-10 hand for you to criticize


Thematically, this is a very similar hand to the others you have posted and I have commented on, so don't be surprised if I say the same stuff too :-)

Check raising Chufty is a good idea, as he is 90% likely to auto bet the flop. However. When he CALLS this is a horse of a very different colour. And this is kinda the problem with the style of play - loose, aggressive, intelligent - that you are playing in this game. Everyone else is playing loose too. And some of them, especially the Brits and Candians are playing loose good as well. So these skillful but gambling plays, which work far better in the kind of games sahaguje described - cautious, passive - here they can get you into big trouble becuase sometimes THEY WILL HAVE THE HANDS.

So against that particular foe, I am probably allin too...its just as a whole I think you are perhaps taking the wrong tack in the game.

FWIW, betting out may also be a better play, as if its pot raised back to you, at least you can make a decision.


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