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Default Re: Another fishy 5-10 hand for you to criticize

Wow. You might as well set your money on fire.

Your first thought before you even start a hand is what your stack to blind ratio is. You hold 80 BB's. This is a level at which you really want to have a set before you commit all your chips.

Preflop: A pretty good hand, but one that plays much better with a smaller field. Raise to $150 or so, with the plan of folding if it is reraised to put you pot committed.

Flop: You have an overpair and a 2nd nut flush draw. This is not worth all your money. When the big stack bet out, and then there was a call, you should pitch this. If the big stack is very aggressive and they all fold to you, you might consider making a play, but with the two, one of them has a better hand right now, and one of them has a better draw. Get out.

With the actual action, you had a chance to close the betting with just a call. If you insist on playing this, then at least look at the turn and pray for the Ac, or at least a card to give you straight outs, as well. But just fold.
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