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Default Re: Another newbie question

In a low stakes game, it probably doesn't make that much difference. Most of the players are too busy figuring out how to play he hand and can't read players anyway.

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As a newer player, this is how I do it.

I look as soon as I get my second card. I don't want to hold up the table, and generally there's no one who really cares about my reaction anyway. After I peek, I slide my cards back to the rail and sit there watching everyone else. I don't make any more motions toward my cards or chips until it's my turn to act. If I'm planning to fold, as soon as the person to my right starts to count chips I throw my hand in so the game keeps on moving.

Seems to work fine for low limits. The guy next to me shouldn't be getting much in the way of tells from me to know if I'm going to fold or not.
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