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Default Re: Thoughts

"Tommy 3-bet? Dammit. ... Is this action or the illusion of action?"

Of course I would never do this to either one you guys but this morning right when the game filled up with players ready to play good until their third flop, a guy openraised from the cutoff. I think he is somebody who thinks and rightly so that I don't do much goofy stuff from the blinds. The button folded. I was in the the small blind. I looked left.

The big blind was folding for sure.

I got to thinking after the hand that you'd think it'd make sense to raise from the small blind LESS often if you know the big blind is folding, because you don't need to apply two bet pressure to make his live money into dead. But actually, I kinda like reraising more often here because I get to show some extra implied power for free. I know the big blind is folding, but maybe the initial raiser didn't watch.

I looked down to see K-9 of diamonds. I made it three bets. The big blind folded. The cutoff called. I bet the flop in the dark.

The board was all raggy. He called the flop bet. On the turn, I didn't like it. I checked, ready to fold. He checked. The river, I checked, he checked.

How much is it worth to have a guy not reraise preflop, and then not raise you on the flop, and then check behind on the turn and river, with AK? That's what he had. AK. Chaching! That's what I was thinking. The only bad news was that I did turn my hand over at the end on the off change that the guy had QJ. I think I'll go back to the AA, KK, QQ, AK plan for a while.

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