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Default Re: 2+2 + 2+2 + 2+2 = ???

I think the results are obvious. Tommy has 46s and bet his straight for value on the river. [img]/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

Seriously though, I think there is a good chance that you and Tommy chopped this one up, or you got beat by kings. I doubt he has a jack -- unless he has JJ -- but I'd rule that out pretty quick. I'd worry when Ulysses cold-calls your flop bet, but still bet the turn and maybe fold to a raise.

Thinking for Tommy (ahem...or as I would, if I were in Tommy's position) and had any of AA, KK, QQ, TT, 99 (but particularly QQ and KK) -- You just called my three-bet. You might have a pair, but you are more likely to have big cards. Let's bet in the dark and see what turns up on the flop. (bet/raise/cold-call) All right, I could be in trouble. But would JA open raise with a jack from that position? And would Ulysses cold-call pre-flop with a jack in his hand? Hrrm. Call.

Turn x. If I bet he will fold overcards, and maybe raise with AA or KK. If I check-call though, I may get another bet from AK or AQ, or a smaller pair than mine, and I still don't know where Ulysses is at. (check/bet/fold). Ok, that's good. Me and JA. I call.

River x. If I check he may give up and check behind. I doublt he would keep betting overcards after my actions on the previous streets. However, he probably will call with all sorts of pocket pairs because the size of the pot, but he may not bet a pocket pair less than jacks. I'll bet. If he raises I've got a new problem, but folding might be in order.

How's that sound Tommy?


(sorry if you were looking for just Tommy and Ulysses to post JA...just could not pass the chance to role-play. [img]/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img])
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