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Default Re: Some boring hands


Hand 3: You cannot credibly represent a flush because a flush draw (especially an A high one, since that's what he'd have to put you on because of your preflop 3-bet) would have bet the turn.

[/ QUOTE ]

wwwwhat? AQ i call flop then lead turn?

A flush is not the only thing i do this river c/r here with. I will do this with AA KK QQ, i will have these the times i 1. decided on the flop to raise the turn then 2. on the turn decided that the opponent will bet even if the king there and when he doesn't i can still get two bets in anyway by c/r'ing the river.

None of this really matters since it all just depends on how much he likes his AJ with an overcard and completed flush, the call is def. -EV against me it's just if they'll normally make it. In a vacuum i need 25% success. I think if i posted this hand against me in a poll giving 2p2ers AJ at least 35% would fold. Awesome for later on too.

I was unsure if i liked the play when posting it but now i do a lot. Against a 16%- i'd really like it.
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