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Default Re: Rebuying newbie needing advice for micro buyin tourny.

It depends on how much you want to rebuy. Some people go super aggro and push a lot hoping to double up quickly. I prefer to get into the pot cheap preflop with pairs, suited connectors etc. Postflop I get away from the hand if I don't connect. When you flop a monster, depending on the table you could slow play it or play it fast because you'll get lots of callers trying to hit their runner runner. Some will, but don't be discouraged. If you get big PP, AKs go ahead and push, because you'll get callers. I'll take a few races if the pot is big enough and the rebuy is cheap enough. For me it's the feel of the table; tighter tables you can get to loosen up with some agro moves. Looser tables, wait for your monster and ring them up.
Kind of a rambling answer, but hopefully you get the picture.
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