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Default Rebuying newbie needing advice for micro buyin tourny.

Hi all.
Next wednesday im going to be playing in a 1 rebuy tournament at my student poker society. I know this is micro stakes but i cant imagine the prize pool getting biiiig.

I can imagine there being around 40 people and rebuys being frenzied. The structure is going to be starting stack T1000
and blinds at 25-50. Rebuys will be for the first hour. I see there being 300-500 being in the pot after add-ons has done.

What should my strategy be in terms of hand selection and preflop strategy? If i take about 10 buyins and willing to use them all should i be playing almost any two suited cards/ one gappers/connectors/ 2 face cards/ good aces/ pocket pairs?

I want to be sat with a decent stack by the end of rebuys- what advice would you suggest to give me the best chances of success in a fun tournament like this?
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