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Default Re: A problem with some religous views. Conclusion


I think if (when) you are finished we need to talk about the moral sense thing. See, what I am thinking (haven’t thought it out yet and I had a similar thought to what I am saying here we can explore sometime too) is that one's moral sense is not necessarily innate. I understand you to be saying that it pretty much is. We need to discuss that. Before you can offer your final proof up for challenge I think this point needs to be discussed or explained.

I am suggesting that one's moral sense has a lot to do with learning. I am not saying I am right and you are wrong. But, I don’t think it is a given. Do you agree that now or at least sometime before your logic is final and ready to be tested, this needs discussed?

Or am I not understanding what you mean by “moral sense”.

If I misunderstood then ok.

Either way I think you should footnote what you mean by moral sense. Unless this is something that most know what you mean - then simply explain to me here.

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