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Default Re: Do I need to pay this off??

This thread should be locked. And some posts deleted wouldn't be bad either. Keep it civil guys. (And take it to PMs)


[/ QUOTE ]

You're right. I overreacted. I should have just ignored him but I've had a pot of coffee and I get twitchy when I have too much caffeine.

I'm curious about his AP username because I want to know whether I think he plays well or badly based on when I've played him. He's not telling me what it is and it shouldn't matter. I'm also curious about how he'd know me since only a few people seem to know my AP username, but I don't keep it super secretive. Of course, I really shouldn't care at all since I basically play 5/10 for the rakeback and don't even try to play my C game most of the time (I'm a 37/28/2 player there overall, filtered for 5-handed I think).