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Default Re: Difficult Turn Decision


If you bet close to the pot on the flop this hand would be very easy to play.


I don't think it is "very easy". But since you say so, please explain.

Leptyne outlined it extremely well with the overbet.

I hope this doesn't sound to harsh, but you are a moron if you don't want to get all your money in on this flop. If you bet pot he raises you can easily move the rest in on the flop. If he has a flopped straight you have great equity. By only betting half the pot on the flop hero couldn't get all the money in on the flop and had a very dificult decision on the turn.

[/ QUOTE ]

That decision does have a price...especially against a rock...and that decision is consistency. I bet half the pot because I try to keep my bet sizes consistent...whether I have ace high, an overpair, a set, 2 pair, quads, or a draw. I realize that this seems easy in a vacuum, and people may argue otherwise, but there is value in keeping flop play consistent even if it costs EV on a particular hand. That is, of course, beyond the scope of this discussion. At 100NL or less, people aren't paying enough attention to make this matter. I do feel that the metagame is important at this level, however.

If I was against a superfish, I would make the push here, however, because I'm likely to get called by a TPMK or something of that nature...and most players will know why I did that (because the guy is a superfish) it wouldn't be a breaking of that consistency.
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