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Sometimes upgrading, you should just go ahead and get a new system. It depends on your current processor (p2, p3, athlon, or p4). Also not all ram works the same. If you are adding RAM, you have to use the same kind that your motherboard supports. Video cards can pretty much be interchangeable. The big question on a video card is will you need dual monitor support, and do you like to play high end games like Halflife2 and such. Its just a matter do you have an AGP slot or a PCI express slot. You can add as many HD as your motherboard will allow. A HD wont speed up your computer but the speed of the HD will make a difference (5400/7200/10000 rpms).

New dell's with celeron processors start right at $300 (look also for coupon codes). Even a celeron processor will be faster than older machines.

So it might not hurt to throw a bit extra $$$ down to get an entirely new system. Now if you plan to build your own system, you will realize you wont save that much in cash, but you can design it directly to your specifications.

RAM is always the 2nd important thing to a box besides the processor speed. The more RAM you have (512mb, 1 gig, 2 gigs) the more free memory your machine has to do all its operations.

Feel free to start a new thread of a new machine you plan to build or buy, and we will certainly tell you if it enough for what you want.

Something to always think about when upgrading (will this still be up to speed in a year from now)
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