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Default Re: An ADHOC Challenge (Sort of)

Hour 17
5512 hands
+71 BB

I think I've really hit the wall. My eyes are getting harder and harder to focus and I fell sick from drinking an entire 2 liter of Hawiian Punch. The sun is now rising. I'm still playing 10/20 and think I am playing fine, it just takes me a few seconds longer to read the board/make the decision/see anything. These 10/20 6max games are good 24hrs a day. On my first ADHOC I quit after 14 hours and -250ish BB at 5/10 6max. I thought then I could have finished if I wasn't so frustrated but at this point I'm not so sure.

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gogogo! you'll regret it later if you quit now and realize that you came so close.
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