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Default Re: 10/20 AA

Everyone's caught up in how bad the turn is, I think we're overlooking the horrible river bet.

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Far from horrible. His opponent won't bet a Q but he'll probably call with one. Are you suggested check-fold instead?

I like to c/r the turn more than most, I think, but I don't like it on this board.


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Yea, I think he should check fold the river. He's already WAY overplayed his hand and now he got a SH!T river card.

I feel like so often we fall into the "worse hands will call if we bet but check if we check, so we should bet" mentality, without realizing that not enough worse hands call so that plan is -EV too. Sometimes betting and check-calling are -EV, so check-folding, for 0 EV, is the best we can do.

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Pot big. Jason has AA. He is HU against a guy who hasn't done anything particularly aggressive and seems as likely to be in calldown mode as to be drawing.

You really think check/folding on a non-Q river is a good idea getting 11:1 after the guy just called Jason's turn CR just because 4-liner spades came off?

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