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Default Alternate sites

After making a withdraw (PartyPoker) I hit the most amazing bad beat streak I ever heard of. Yesterday I had 5 consecutive hands where I made the nuts, (two str8, two flush and set), on the flop or turn only to have them out drawn. And that’s just an example. I’ve had QQ 39 times and lost 31 !!!

After 10k hands it’s obvious this are no ordinary bad beat streak.

I always thought that these “withdraw bad beat streaks” were nothing but bull, but I have had to change my views. The probability for having this kind of streak is practically infinite. And I can find no other reason for the house to punish me like this. So I have to conclude the house have chosen me to pay the fishes, due to my withdrawal.

Now, to my question, does anyone know any other site where I can find limit tables that are actually played? (And where you don’t get punished for making withdrawals).

Prima for example rarely have any tables played at levels 2/4 or above. And the rest of the poker sites I can find are just tiny, only offering played tables at micro limits.
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