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I'm UTG with QQ and raise in an 8 handed game
Sucker is raising UTG. Hmmmm... He must have a pair or two big cards. I hope I have a big hand. Why have I been here for 20 hours? Everyone's folding. Nice. Let's see what I have. Sweet, a pocket pair (I think 8s or 9s). I'm going to 3-bet.

Terrible player calls from near the button.
Dammit. Now if I 3-bet Sucker is going to 4-bet. Caller in the middle isn't going anywhere. I'm screwed if any big cards show up on the flop. I think I am going to eat after all. Maybe the Korean BBQ ribs special. That sounds pretty good. I think I probably have the best hand right now, but I guess I'll just stick w/ the minimum investment here and see what happens on the flop.

Anyways, Tommy 3 bets. I call, as does everybody else.
Tommy 3-bet? Dammit. I wonder if he has AKs or a big pocket pair. Or maybe he's just screwing around. Is this action or the illusion of action? These decisions sure were easier to make 17 hours ago. Sucker didn't 4-bet. Nice, he doesn't have a really big pocket pair. (Oops.)

Flop: Tommy bets dark. Cards then come out, J-J-5. I raise. Bad player folds, Ulysses calls. Tommy calls.
Dark bet? WTF? I've seen him do that w/ both AK and big pairs now. Hmmmm.... Sucker raises. He always raises the flop. What would I do if I had a Jack? I'd probably cold-call here and hope Tommy 3-bets. But maybe I'd 3-bet to make them think I don't have a Jack. I wonder what they think I'd do. Well, if I cold-call and they have just overcards, I don't think they'll fire again on the turn. If checked to on the turn (or I hit my 8), I'm going to bet and take it down.

Turn: 3, or some other blank. Tommy checks, I bet, Ulysses folds, Tommy calls.
Oh, Sucker did have a big pocket pair. Dammit.

River: Blank (2). Tommy bets. I call.
I can't believe I put in so much money w/ the worst hand. Damn button.
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