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Default Re: 20/40 Bad call on third and getting what I deserved.

This hand reminds me of a nice one I played at the Taj Mahal where I shot off about $900 after I caught my miracle card on 4th vs. rolled trips and then proceeded to catch brick-brick-mfbrick as my opponent rivered a boat.

That said, I don't see myself folding here to a 3rd street reraise vs a doorcard lower than the pair I have. If he would NEVER raise with 8's here, then that's something to consider but I don't think that's the case online. I'm sure you'll play well on subsequent streets.

One exception to calling the 3rd street raise is if your opp is the kind of player that will automatically fold something like AA if you pair your door. If this is the case and you are close to 100% positive he would only bang 3rd with the bigger pair, you can probably let it go cause the hand can't really be played for profit then. But I think a lot of people are going upstairs with 8's here online. Just some random, semi inebriated thoughts.

(Two days until some nice 50 stud at Bellagio)