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Default How was my play: \'Was this a hold up attempt\'?

Basically, I was working on my car stereo out on the street and I was in a prone position with parts of my car all over the place. I was wearing old basketball shorts that clearly had no pockets.

3 guys walk past me, appear younger at first then I later found out they were, one was carrying a case of 'Beast'. Then, a few seconds later, I hear one of them say "Yo" and I look up, and he's walking towards me, knife drawn and in hand.

The first thing out of his mouth is "Hey man, can I have $5" and I'm thinking, "Holy crap, I'm stuck with my leg under my seat and wedged inside this car and have no way to defend myself"

He then continues "I'll give you this knife for $5". Now, being that I don't even have pockets, I explain to him that I don't have any money. He then proceeds to ask me if I can have a ride. I reference my car, in pieces at this point.

Now, it's worth noting at this point that although there are 3 of them, they appear rather drunk and small compared to me. I think it would have been a close fight. Furthermore, these are dumb guys, either they are trying to hold me up for $5, or this genious had the bright idea of approaching someone to sell a knife with the knife out and asking for money. If not for my positioning in the car, at this point I would have probably begun my fight or flight sequence, but neither of these options were available to me.

I will post results later.
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