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Default Re: How to play like a SAG? (super-aggressive)

Since I'm destroyed by good SAGs so often, I thought it might be educational to learn to play like one, so I can see into their game better. So, are there any articles or posts on how to play like a SAG ? All the poker books describe basic tight/aggressive play.

My basic idea for playing SAG goes like this : open raise any two, raise behind limpers most of the time with any two, if people start open-raising a lot, then frequently call raises or reraise with any two, but don't call a raise and reraise. Always bet continuation on the flop, and generally always bet any time it's checked around and/or everyone shows weakness. Call bets with draws, and then attack hard if they show weakness. Show down any middle pair or better. Generally fold only if they show real strength, eg. calling multiple streets or reraising.

Basically win all the small pots by taking them, fold the medium pots where they play back, and win the big pots when I actually have a hand.

Does anyone here play SAG?

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I guess I'm confused by the term "SAG". Aggression is defined by the number of times you bet,raise divided by the number of times you call. Therefore aggression itself can be high just by making a minraise at every opportunity.

Real aggression is the style played by Brunson. Every player at the table knows when Brunson is in the hand that he may put you in for all your chips - go to the felt - at any time. Of course aggression is totally separate from the terms "tight" and "loose".

All good players are at least selectively aggressive. They attack weak plays and weak players. I'd advise you to stick to this style until you master the pre- and post flop play that is required.

Above all, study and learn. How do good players at your table play against this "SAG"? How do strong players take advantage of position? My personal rule is to keep this player on my right so he'll be shoving money into the pot in front of me, so I can take advantage of position.
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