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Default Poker Players Lobby???

Between getting ready for tax time and the 60 minutes report a few weeks ago, it occured to me that a poker players lobby would be a hugely +EV organization. I would certainly be willing to contribute time and money to get the laws pertaining to online poker clarified/changed.

2p2 is the perfect organization to spearhead this effort because they have a preestablished, loyal group of poker players who are more likely to be winners. Further more, if the organization had a respected figure head like David Skalansky or Ed Miller, other poker players would have faith in the organization.

The major agenda items I can think of would be:

1. Clarify the wire act to allow for online poker play. This would allow us to play without worrying about the legality of our play, and let the casinos (US companies and workers) profit from or play instead of compaines like Party (foriegn companies and workers).

2. Clarify the tax law to define a session in such a way that poker players don't get screwed.

3. Change the tax law so that poker players can report net winnings alone. I'm guessing that of these three preliminary agenda items, this would be the most difficult.

I know that in the past the casinos fought against online gaming, but at this point it must be clear to them that they have lost that battle (at least with regard to poker). I have to believe that the poker player lobby could team up with the casinos to affect some change. The most promising agenda item is #1 because it would profit both US business and the US government. Letting all of our rake go over seas is a huge loss for the US economy. I think the financial beniftit to the US alone would be enough to get agenda item #1 done.

Please post with additional agenda items and comment on your willingness to support this endevor. Also please post links if something like this already exists.
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