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Default Now see here -


I think what you meant to say is,

"If 5 players have limped behind you raising A2s is close to a no-brainer".

Small pairs, suited connectors and suited Aces are excellent late position raises when several opponents have already limped in.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah way to destroy your implied odds on the exact hands that need those odds to be playable.

[/ QUOTE ]


I see you've posted almost 4,000 times.

Let me know when you get to having READ as many.

I will explain the nature of your ignorance IF and only if you promise to IM me with the table number whenever you sit down.

P.S. I would have been more gentle had you prefaced your opinion with something like, "I may be wrong" OR "I may be an imbecile but" . . .

- Chris


Would anyone like to help this lost soul ?

(Suggestion: Use small words).
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