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It seems like the responses have generally been advocating b/c so far. I disagree. To me this is a c/c.

What are you putting villian on that we beat right now? Are we better off betting into him given the holdings we beat? Here is my list of possibilities (remember, he did raise pf):

-KK or QQ are possible, but not probable. Wouldn't he have capped pf? Seems likely that he would have capped given OP description. Even if he tried to get tricky pf, there is a chance he has the discipline to laydown here (more info needed i guess).
-AQ, A2-A5
-Spades: but we probably want to check to him if he has spades. The exception would be if he has something like KTs.
-22-55: He can't be this horrible can he? If so your plan doesn't really matter because you will have all of his money shortly anyway.
-KT or QT.
-Other random crap like KQ: again we would want to check in this case.

I know that OP said he was LAG, but look at the board and think about his range from the CO. Almost everything hit, right down to 67.

So to me the only likely holdings where betting helps us are AQ, A2-A5, KT, QT. These holdings are made even less likely by the fact that there are 2 aces already accounted for.

There are many more hands that beat us, and he often will make us pay two bets to verify we are beat. B/F seems wrong here given OP's description.

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