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Default Re: $5/$10 Stud Hi - Rolled

I think you probably got as much money out of this one as possible. Either way, opponents are going to be cautious when that third heart hits on 5th, so there's no guarantee of picking up extra bets.

You're not in perfect position to be jamming with a 4-flush on 4th, but you're pretty close, and I'd figure you for either rolled up trips or a 4-flush when you cap 4th. I'd probably figure you for the flush draw if you just flat called it too. So, perhaps there is a little deception in flat-calling, but you pick up a sure extra BB by capping it on 4th.

The only way you're likely to get 2 extra BB's on 5th is if you don't catch a heart and the opponent behind you leads out. I would probably usually flat-call on 4th here, but I don't think capping 4th is bad. Waiting until 6th to raise might also be an option. So, your only actual mistake in this hand was failing to catch offsuit cards on 5th and 6th. Otherwise, nice hand [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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