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Default Re: Best Place to start with no $?

One thing that helps is to get your friends to sign up under you as referrals.

Party per referral sign up and 125 hands played will send you $50, your friend $25. They do have to make a deposit for this to work. Party will allow you to send an email link to their address with all the info.

Absolute Poker does a similar offer. $75 for you, $50 for them. They have to play 100 rakes hands where the pot size is at least $5.

So if you get 3 to 4 people you know to do this, you can make some easy cash for little work.

The smallest buy in sites, UB and Pokerstars will let you buy in for $25. An excellent way to gain experience and play for small amounts, is to play sit-n-gos.

Certainly try Also sign up for a neteller account. It can be a free service as long as you dont use Instacash to fund it. Just sign it up with your bank, takes a couple day to verify, but then you will be able to deposit/withdrawl. Just about every site will accept Neteller.
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