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Default Re: Age of players and age bias

I have found many people to be nice to me and always surprised to see that I know how to play. I look like a typical punker with spiked hair and earrings and colored hair (sometimes) but in both vegas and california i have found the majority of people to be nice that i actually talk to. In fact a funny story happened in the 10-20 @ Mirage where I was walking towards the game and heard 3 or 4 of the regulars saying things to the effect of "man that kid just kept folding but he looked like he was gonna be a loose cannon" any way one of them turned around, saw me and said "hey speak of the devil". They were nice to me and even though i had a good run of cards and whacked a couple of them real good the previous day they didnt hold it against me. In fact one of the guys was talking politics with me so it was cool.

As a final note- dont hang around casinos too much (I go there strictly to play and look for good games-thats it), they are the last place you'd want to get a portion of your social life from, the only thing i really dont like about poker is the multitude of pure fucking scumbags that frequent the cardrooms. Seeing all those people that are just wasting there lives away is kinda sickening to watch but oh well, as long as chips come from their stck to mine i guess thats what's important.


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