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Default Re: RoR -- What % loss before double?

Aaron, I got about this far:

I'm not sure I understand the situation. I think you're making a series of identical bets. Your expected profit from each one is fixed at 0.1% of your initial bankroll.

[/ QUOTE ]

And realized that I'd screwwed up. I'm sorry. [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

I was thinking from the standpoint of Kelly-Betting, how they increase their betsize based on their EV per hand, and that they take on a big ROR for their bankroll. I think that they can expect swings to be something like 90% of their roll sometimes before they double their roll, but I can't say how often this happens.

I'm just kinda curious as to what sorts of swings I should expect if I'm making a bunch of bets at a low baknroll ror (0.1%), but it's possible that I'm not giving you enough info here.
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