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Default Re: 5/10 3handed: spewing?

Hi xCeo-

How often do you think you are ahead here on the flop? How often do you think you have even six outs if you're behind?

Absent of any read, I think the BB's 3-bet PF means two broadway cards, a decent king, most aces and probably all pocket pairs. On the flop, you're ahead of KJ-KT, QJ, QT, JT and A4, A5 and A7. Everything else has you drawing at 1 to 6 outs. So if you peel, I think you need to be calling down to showdown. Otherwise this flop needs to be raised or folded.

As played, the only point of raising this turn is if you put him on something like AT. He's obviously not folding a pocket pair of any sort on this board (would you?) And I think he's rarely folding anything that you want him to.
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