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Default Re: Littlewoods casino bonus, I busted 1/4 way thru, should i redeposi

What Homer said.

Plus, here's a little info on the level of variance in bonuses like this...I was flat-betting 2P per hand for 5 hands per deal and here were my results at some points:

@ 300P wagered, I was -77P (all amounts pre-bonus)
@ 600P wagered, I was -7P
@ 800P wagered, I was -74P
@ 1000P wagered, I was +6P

It can be super-frustrating when you are running poor. But you just have to accept that there are times when you run super-hot. I had 2 nasty streaks while clearing this bonus...but I also had 2 awesome runs that more than balanced things out.

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